Air Macau


Ace Travels also represents Air Macau  Airways as their GSA for Pakistan .The Air Macau’s Logo is a fusion of a lotus, the symbol of Macau and a dove, the symbol of international peace.

The high flying dove represents the vision of the highest standard of safety, reliability and quality services. Air Macau was established on 13th September 1994 and started operation commercially on 9th November 1995.Air Macau has five Airbus A321s, three Airbus A320s, two Airbus A319 and one Boeing B757-200 in its fleet.


Macau has its own airline that flies principally to Chinese cities and also to Bangkok, Thailand, and Korea.Air Macau Company Limited is an airline based in Macau. It is the flag carrier of Macau, operating services to 12 destinations in mainland China

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Macau History:

The Portuguese established the city of Macau in 1557 to be a trading post and a bastion of Christianity as well. Thus from the very beginning the fledging town was called “City of the Name of God, Macau”. The Portuguese were always a small percentage of the total population, which was largely Chinese. In 1583, there were a reported 900 Portuguese present in Macau. By 1640, in a population of 26,000, of which 20,000 were Chinese, only 1,200 were Portuguese. It is now a Special Administrative Region of China. On December 20, 1999 it was transfered from being a colony of Portugal and was returned to China.



The Macau Tower is an icon of
Macau and one of the most advanced
towers on the planet. At a height of 338
meters high .
In Macau, tourists can
enjoy both Chinese
and western style food

Casinos are everywhere in
Macau. Pictured here are
the Wynn , Casino Lisboa.
The administrative building of the
University of Macau, the first modern
university in the region.

Office building of the
Legislative Assembly
Headquarters of the Govt
of Macau, previously the
Governor’s House until